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About our blog

People say to me all the time: “You're so lucky. You get to go to weddings all the time." They're right. We are lucky. We get to be among people having a great time, looking and feeling their best and participating in what is often the most important day in someone's life.

Here’s the other thing we are lucky to see: the terrific style and creativity that our clients bring to their celebrations. If there is one thing we’ve learned while photographing weddings, it is that a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be lovely. We dedicate our blog to sharing the terrific ideas that we’ve seen before and will see this coming season, with a focus on ideas that are simple, elegant and stylish.

All these images are the work of us or our associate photographers from events we've photographed. So, we say "thank you" to our clients who have shared their warmth and happiness with us. 

About John & Theresa Valls

Because we love to travel, we photographed our first wedding together in exchange for two plane tickets to Europe. That was our original plan: we'd photograph a wedding or two, basically just enough to underwrite our love of italian food eaten in Italy. What we hadn't counted on, however, was how much we would grow to love everything about shooting and working together.

John's wedding photography is influenced by his advertising work with agencies, companies and magazines he shoots for. Avoiding an overly-produced style for his photos, John's images reflect his light touch as well as his ability to capture what is descriptive, yet beautiful.

My background in design management helps us create wedding albums that are both contemporary and timeless. I'm an avid believer in the strength of a killer edit, so I work with our clients to compile a photo selection that will meaningful and satisfying 25 years in the future. 


Pro make-up, should you?

Darby with Sarah

One of our upcoming brides called to ask my opinion on whether she should hire a make-up stylist for her wedding day or instead do her own. I thought I would take a minute to answer her here, since perhaps others of you are wondering the same thing. The answer is “yes” and here’s why:

Even if you’re a no-makeup kind of girl, or even a not-too-much-makeup kind of girl, you’ll probabaly feel better about your photos if you have your make up done by a pro.  Flash or bright sunlight can sort of wash a girl out. A good makeup person knows EXACTLY how to make you look defined and distintive but not over-the-top.

The most important thing is to book a trial with someone you are considering. My advice is to do this WELL before the last few weeks. I think two to three months prior is perfect. That way, if you don’t jive, you’ll have enough time to consider other options, then reasonably get on that person’s calendar.

Before your trial appointment, scan magazines and tear out photos for looks that appeal to you. If you can, bring of photo of your dress.  A good makeup person can help you design a whole look around the theme or idea that you’ve got in your head.


Sarah getting her makeup done by Darby Bacchus Budd

In the previous post, I wrote about Anna Webber’s make up.  There are two other stylists I can strongly recommend. I love, love, love Darby Bacchus Budd. Besides being an immensely talented stylist, he’s a hoot to hang with. Besides making you gorgeous, Darby will probably make you laugh a lot. The image above is Darby hanging with one of our brides at the beach last summer.

Another team we’ve worked with a bunch is Event Cosmetics. Katherine Sealy, the company founder, is a walking testimony to their brilliant style. Besides being stylish, stunning and perfectly put-together, she’s relaxed, easy and knows everything about making you look good. She and her company would be a good choice if you need a couple of stylists to do you and your girls simultaneously.

alexis - I totally agree with you, it's so worth spending a little extra money to have your hair and make-up done for you on your wedding day. The bride and groom are spending a lot on everything else to make the day perfect, and looking good should be no exception!February 21, 2009 - 12:21 pm

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